​​ RB Techwright 
Computer, Network, and
Technical Services you can rely on

Locally owned and operated by Robert (Bob) Brennan, we provide the service you can rely on in Halifax and the HRM area.
Your small business relies on many technologies working seamlessly, so you can focus on growing and succeeding. Your home relies on reliable and secure computers for your work or entertainment. Resolving issues quickly, maintaining equipment in peak shape, and identifying solutions for your needs, this is where we can help. 

With over 25 years experience in various large and small technology-based businesses, Robert Brennan has the keen analytical skills and experience required to quickly and correctly resolve your technology issues. His diverse background gives him the ability to provide insight and support into various associated business areas. 

Having worked in industries large and small, such as a shipyard, credit bureau, computer wholesaler, and security startup, he has experience with computer and network maintenance, purchasing, inventory, bookkeeping, business rules, security products, and software of all types.